Barbara Redzisz Hammerstein Launches New Book

Barbara Redzisz Hammerstein

Barbara “Basia” Redzisz Hammerstein

Author Barbara “Basia” Redzisz Hammerstein uses her own personal experience along with years of research into the very roots of language to explore both the little understood kundalini experience and the shift to an imbalanced, left-brain-oriented and male-defined societal structure in her newest book, “Stampede of the Natives—Linguistic Tracks Unveiling the Loss of the Mystical Kundalini.” Basia believes that devaluation of the feminine has resulted in abusive practices, such as human trafficking, and extends even to the body of Mother Earth through environmental misuse and exploitation.

stampede of the natives“The women’s movement was beginning to expose us to a parallel, if neglected reality. It came out of a prehistoric time when there was mother centrality,” she writes in “Stampede of the Natives.” “It was to those ancient sounds of language that I had to turn to find a way back into what I began to perceive as humanity’s almost hidden mother centered prehistory.” Basia calls for repairing ourselves by pairing up the over developed left (male) brain hemisphere once again with the right (female) hemisphere to create balance.

You can find out more of what Basia has discovered about the kundalini experience and ancient linguistics on this website. You also can explore her other books, including “Cinderella After the Ball” about her career in musical theatre on Broadway and her plunge into the world of theatre royalty when she married the son of Oscar Hammerstein II.