Linguistic Tracks

Basia has been asking all of her life about the universal abuse of women and why they have been treated as second-class citizens. The women’s movement gave her an insight that an ancient reality existed where the mothers ruled from the center. After receiving her masters of arts degree in speech and communication from Columbia University in 1966 with her study of phonetics and linguistics, and after her own kundalini experience, she embarked on a journey to find the roots of that ancient destructive shift.

symbolThe only clues that existed from that ancient time of humanity’s heritage (HER IT AGE) were the sounds that people carried with them as they dispersed off the continent of Africa. After thirty years of research, it was to those ancient original sounds that she turned to, finding in them answers to many of her questions. All else has been lost due to catastrophic climate changes, volcanic eruptions, floods and a shift from the left handed primacy of the mothers to the right-handed primacy of the fathers that has shaped the linear evolution of speech, music and writing itself. With the shift to right handedness and writing, the over evolved left hemisphere of the male brain of the fathers lost its connective balance with the female based right hemisphere of the mothers.

It was also a shift from goddesses to gods, from cooperation to competition, from compassion to indifference, from community to individualism, from generosity to greed, from peace to violent confrontation. It emerged as a world defined by males, for males, as mothers, their children and Mother Earth herself were all left behind.

As well as exploring the basic sounds of language, the capital letters of the Western alphabet came to Basia’s aid. Each one revealed its own lost story and provenance. It became apparent that the shapes and sounds of the capital letters of the Western alphabet had their origins out of Africa during the ancient herbivore migrations, and that they emerged out of the features on the face of the mother and the surFACE of Mother Earth.