How Language Unveils Mother-Based Pre-History

Basia and JaMaya

Basia with Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

After her own ecstatic and violent kundalini experience, Basia set out on a dual track. One was to find what had happened to her body at the feet of a guru, the late Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, that accounted for the massive changes occurring in her life. The other dealt with historically understanding what the so-called “spiritual” kundalini experience was about and how it came to be so grossly misunderstood.

Sweeping aside the “spiritual” consideration inherent in the experience, after the personal explosion of the ecstatic electromagnetic kundalini in her body, she came to the realization that the kundalini experience had been native to most prehistoric women, arising with the birthing breath during the last stages of natural birth.

On the wings of borderline trance and breathless ecstasy, it awakened in the birthing mother fearlessness, leadership, prophecy and healing. Basia wanted to know how that ancient mother-based experience became lost, suppressed and redefined, and called a mystery when it occurred on the physical and prehistorically universal female based level.

Having been left out of the powerful magical natural birth experience associated with the mother’s birthing breath, heroic males tried to create the kundalini experience for themselves through ritual, competitions and adventure. Men set out on their own transformative trials of discovery using confrontation of their fears with quests to slay dragons and monsters, ritual use of drugs and spirits, sex, fasting, dancing, spinning, meditation, prayer and chanting. The ultimate goal is to repair that bifurcated split and to reconnect with the female side of the brain; to become, balanced, liberated and to restore the lost roots of their own joyful freedom.

The kundalini energy also moves out of the body of Mother Earth along ley lines, entering the human body at the soles of the feet and moving upward along the spinning chakras, or energy centers, in the body.